Connect dots in the grid horizontally or vertically so that the lines form a continous path (slitherlink) with no loose ends or branches. the number inside a dotted square indicate how many of its 4 sides are part of the path.

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Hard 12 by 16 Slitherlink 1

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Solving puzzles improve your math skills
Puzzles such as Kakuro, Killer Sudoku and Mathdoku are not just logic puzzles but also math puzzles. They can serve as remedial training and practice materials at home or in the classroom. Even visual logic puzzles such as Hidato or Masyu can improve your math skills as they are based on pattern recognition.

Logic Puzzles boost your Problem Solving Skills Actively solving puzzles and the ability to find answer where you don't expect them are part of your problem solving skills. Doing a lot of puzzles is a true boost and enhancement of your intelligence and problem solving skills.

Increase your self-esteem
The accomplishment of finishing a difficult puzzle gives you satisfaction and pride. This provides you with a boost of self-confidence and self-esteem that can easily be used for other challenges you face in your daily life.

A stronger meta cognition
Solving logic and number puzzles does not just boost your cognitive skills but also your meta cognitive skills. The ability to organize your problem solving skills, the planning and insight on how to come to the end of a problem, will be stronger when you solve loads of puzzles.

Our Hidato-like puzzles come in 4 difficulty level. Use our search bar in the top menu or click on a image below to select the levels and sizes of our Hidato-like puzzles

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