Free Printable Build Bridges Logic Puzzles

printable Hashiwokakero puzzles At PuzzlesAndBrains we have a great selection of Hashiwokakero logic puzzles (Build Bridges) that will challenge your logic skills and spatial and visual intelligence. Our Nikoli type puzzles come in PDF format and are easy to print. Test your brain powers and bite yourself into our free printable puzzles.

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6 by 6 Build Bridges Puzzles

9 by 9 Build Bridges Puzzles

12 by 18 Build Bridges Puzzles

Some very good reasons why solving Build Bridges Puzzles is so good for you.
Solving our Build Bridges puzzles (or Hashiwokakero in Japanese) is not just fun and a relaxing logic puzzle but also has a lot of benefits for our brains.

It sharpens your critical thinking skills
Solving puzzles is all about trial and error, thinking logically and eliminating alternatives. This continuous process of analyzing options has a great effect on our brains as it sharpens our critical thinking skills. By thinking critically, out of the box, we are must better able to solve logic puzzles

It improves our problem solving skills
Solving puzzles is has a great effect on our ability to solve problems in general. By keeping our brains active and trained, by simply doing logic puzzles, we can apply this some logic to ordinary real life situations. We seem to be better prepared to solve all kind of problems, such as going shopping. Keeping our brain power boosted by doing puzzles is as going to the gym and keeping our body prepared for physical work.

It helps us in multi-tasking thinking skills
Solving Build Bridges puzzles require you to think both sequential as on task thinking. By visualizing the end result we can make our way through the puzzle. This multi-layer of thinking, focusing on the end and on your present position in the puzzle is a kind of multi-tasking that enhances our brain powers in general.

It helps stay mentally fit
The brain has the same needs as the rest of our body. It needs to stay in shape. When you don't exercise, eat bad, smoke, drink, your physical powers reduce. The same rule applies to the brain, if it not challenged its capacity gets less. When you pick up a new study, you can easy realize this effect. It's more difficult to get into learning mode than the actual content of your study. The brain and its functions first need to get back in shape, before it can do its magic again.

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