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printable nurikabe puzzles Nurikabe puzzles, also known as cell structure puzzles, are island forming puzzles. Nurikabes are solved by building walls between the clue numbers such that all islands are isolated and the walls form a continuous path. Nurikabe is and addictive logic puzzle that will boost your brain powers and intelligence levels! Good luck.

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We have Nurikabe puzzles in the 6 by 6 and 10 by 10 sizes with 3 difficulty levels: smaller islands, medium sized islands and the more difficult larger islands.

Why do you offer printable Nurikabe puzzles and not online versions?
First of all, there are already some great online Nurikabe puzzles available and why would we reinvent the wheel? We like our puzzles in pdf form so they can be printed out, it's better for our eyes, more relaxed and you can put them away for a while to think over your sins (or solutions). Also, it saves a lot of battery life of your tablets or laptops.

Why are Nurikabe Puzzles a stimulation for our brain functions?
Solving puzzles can be quite addictive and great fun. But did you know that solving Nurikabe puzzles can also be a great workout for our brain functions? Keeping the brains active and in problem solving mode is a fantastic mental workout.

Nurikabe Puzzles increase your spatial skills and logic intelligence
People who like to solve puzzles develop better spatial and logic intelligence according to a study by researchers at the University of Chicago. Print out our puzzles and train your intelligence! It will work a lot better for your IQ than watching tv and eating pringles!

Reducing age-related decline in cognition.
Keeping your brain active by solving problems and finding solutions to problems can reduce the effects of aging on our cognition levels. Puzzles like Nurikabe, Sudoku and other number and word puzzles literally keep our spirits young.

Possible positve effects on Alzheimer’s disease
Let we be clear that we have to be very careful to make statements like this. There is no clinical evidence that solving printable puzzles reduces the change of Alzheimer's. But activities that need mental energy, such as reading, or number puzzles , chess can prevent brain cells from degenerating.

Stimulate brain cell connections
The more we think, solve problems and keep our brains active, the more brain cell connections we make that might counter damaged brain cells.

Why these boring brain facts?
You are right, Nurikabe puzzles are just fun and challenging and it's of secondary importance whether it's good for our brains. We just like to sound more interesting stating cognitive and educational purposes of our puzzles.

Want to know the rules and solving strategies?
Sure you do, just click here

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