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At we offer you the fantastic Masyu Logic puzzles. In Masyu you need to draw a continuous loop through all the circles in a grid. This can be very challenging as the loop may not cross itself and the circles of different colors (white and black) have different rules.

Click here for our 9 by 9 Masyu puzzles and click here for the 12 by 15 Killer Masyu Logic puzzles. We have the Killer Sudoku math puzzles in 3 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard as a rock!

If you want to print and solve our addictive Masyu , click on the 2 images. We have quite a collection of the 9 by 9 and the 12 by 15 circle versions! Good luck!

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Killer Sudoku are excellent puzzles for leisure and educational purposes as they combine fun, logic and math skills.

The Basic Rules of Masyu ( ???)

1. All circles must be connected by a continuous loop

printable logic puzzlesAs you can see in the example on the left all circles are connected by a loop, path or line. The loop is continuous and has no branches. The loop has no apparent start or finish point and connects all white and dark circle once. This makes Masyu a very challenging logic puzzles that will tease your brains.

The grids are divided in cells, either 9 by 9 or 12 by 15.

2. The loop passes through the circles horizontaly or vertically

printable brain teasersThe continuous loop that connects all circles may only pass through circles and cells horizontally or vertically. Diagonal connections are not allowed unfortunately. An occasional shortcut, how much we would like to, is not allowed by the inventors of the Masyu logic puzzle.

3. The loop may not cross itself

printable puzzlesIn this Masyu puzzle we have deliberately made an error. The loop crossed itself and also this is not allowed. The loop that connects all white and dark circles needs to be both continuous and single! Use your problem solving skills to prevent the loop to become a maze of intertwining lines

4. White circles must be straight passed through, but turn in the previous or next cell

printable Masyu logic riddlesWhite circles must be passed through in a straight line (in contrast to the dark circles), but you must take a 90 degree turn in the cell right before it or just after it. The example on the left shows you how that could be done. The solution to these logic puzzles may seem hard and difficult, but after completing a couple of them, you'll get hooked on them!

5. The loop turns 90° in dark circles, but go straight through the next or previous cell

Masyu puzzles free and printableWhen the loop goes through a dark circle you must make a 90 degree turn in the circle itself. After the turn you must go straight through at least one empty cell or through a white circle. In the example on the left you can see that the loop turns the right in the dark cell and that the dark cell is the turning point for the white cell under it (rule 4). This rules makes Masyu a real brain killer and will develop your brain and thinking skills!

Strategies to solve Masyu puzzles

There are some great websites explaining all the inns and outs of the Masyu strategies. The best sites we found is Wikihow and Wikipedia

The techniques in these sites are so clear and good, that we feel we could not do a better job and better focus on making printable Masyu puzzles.

There is a solution video of an online Masyu puzzle on youtube. Have a look and see how easy it seems (seems!) to solve one:

Online Masyu Puzzles

If you like to play Masyu puzzles online, We recommend the following Masyu sites: Kongregate, Uclick Games and Mochi Games.

If you like your Masyu puzzles printed, than we have 2 formats for you: the 9 by 9 and the monstrous 12 by 15. Click on the 2 images. to go the PDF download pages. Free, fun and addictive.

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