Free Printable MathDoku Puzzles

MathDoku is a great printable puzzle that combines arithmetic and math skills with logic reasoning. The rules are the same as those of the famous KenKen en KenDoku puzzles. Because these names are trademarked, we callled our puzzles MathDoku. We have MathDoku puzzles in 3 printable formats with answers:

printable KenKen-like puzzles printable math puzzles printable logic

The Rules of MathDoku are the same as KenKen puzzles

1. Digits may appear only once in each row and column

KenKen-like puzzle rulesDigits may only appear once in each row and column. In the 4 by 4 puzzle, these are the digits 1 to 4, in the 6 by 6 MathDoku the digits 1 to 6 and in the 9 by 9 the digits up to 9. This rule is identical to the Sudoku rule.

2. The grids are divided in cages with targets and operators

how to play KenKen-like puzzles The grids are divided in so-called cages made up of groups of white cells (2, 3, 4 or more depending on the grid size), target numbers and operators (addition, subtraction, multiply or division signs). The target numbers are the sums, differences, products or quotients of mathematical operations. Use your math and logic skills (if you have these of course) and become an arithmetic MathDoku wizzard

3. Find a mathematical solution using the given operator to match the target.

printable KenKen-like puzzles Find a mathematical solution to create the target number given the operator. This can be the sum, difference, product or quotient. In the example on the left we see a cage of 2 cells with target number 7 and operator +. The solutions for this cage could be: 4+3, 5+2, or 6+1. In the 4 by 4 grid (as used in the example) we can only use the '4' and '3' as answers. There is a great online number combination calculator from

4. Each puzzle has only 1 solution

printable Math puzzles Just like Sudoku, Hidato and Numbrix, the MathDokus can have only 1 possible solution. If you find any duplicate answer possibility in our puzzles, don't hesitate to contact us so that we can fire and sue our puzzle developer.

5. Please contact your psychiatrist in case of accute MathDoku addiction

printable number puzzles MathDokus seem very difficult at first, and they are, but once you start to recognize the number and operation combinations you can solve them faster and faster. If you start to get nightmares about the puzzle, your hands start to tremble when your printer cartridge is empty, don't hesitate to look for professional help. You wouldn't be the first one to get seriously hooked on MathDoku puzzles (only our printed versions of course)

Some Solving Strategies for our MathDoku Puzzles

There are a lot of solving strategies for the KenKen, or MathDoku math and logic puzzles. We could highlight a couple of them but think it's better to recommend some of the excellent websites already online. Especially Dell Magazine is recommended, as they have maded a PDF file with some excellent tips and tricks of the puzzle.

Also, as mentioned before, you can calculate the possible answer by using an online combination calculator. Other website with information about the MathDoku math and logic puzzles are:
KenKen , How Stuff Works , and Joe Maller

If you have any problems solving our printable MathDokus, you can always contact us for some sound advice.

Online MathDoku or KenKen Puzzles

A lot of people like to play KenKen-like puzzles online, but also a lot of people like to print their number puzzles. If you prefer printed puzzle versions, then stop reading and go to our puzzle download pages, but if you like to play the puzzles online. As long as you eat at least 500 grams of vegetables a day you don't have to worry about monitor radiation.

If you insist, we recommend the following sites with the online KenKennish math games:, and WebKenDoku.

MathDoku and KenKen Youtube Videos

There are some great Youtube videos online with strategies and techniques to solve Kenken, KenDoku and MathDoku puzzle. We selected the following 3 puzzle videos:

Printable MathDoku Puzzles

Printable number puzzles are in our opinion the only real puzzles. The smell of paper, a pencil behind the ears and eraser bring back fond memories of our childhood in school. It relaxes us to work on paper and solve puzzles this way. Printing puzzles out rather than having your computer on whole day saves a lot of energy and is better for the environment. Let's conveniently not discuss the trees needed for A4 paper puzzles. Anyway, we have MathDoku puzzles in 3 formats, click on the images below to go to the download pages (PDF files):

printable KenKen-like printable math puzzles printable brain teasers

Click on the images to go to the PDF download pages. Have fun.

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