Free Printable Hitori Puzzles

printable Hitor puzzles Hitori is a great logic puzzle (created by Nikoli) that will test your brain and cognitive skills to the max. The main objective is to shade (or black out) cells so that there are no duplicate numbers in each row and column.
At we have 4 different sizes of the Hitori puzzles: 5 by 5, 8 by 8, 10 by 10 and the brain cracking 12 by 12!

Click here for the rules and solving techniques.

Hitori 5 by 5 Puzzles

Hitori 8 by 8 Puzzles

Hitori 10 by 10 Puzzles

Hitori 12 by 12 Puzzles

Hitori Puzzles are great to train your brain muscles!
Hitori puzzles are a great brain workout and will keep us young of mind.

Problem Solving
Solving Hitori puzzles and other number puzzles can increase your cognitive and problem solving skills and provide you a great brain workout. It's not just our bodies that need a workout, also our brains need to be trained as much as we can. A strong body comes with a healthy mind.

Visual Perception and Memory
Solving Hitori puzzles has a great effect on our visual perception. You need to see and analyze number combinations, giving our Occipital Lobe a lovely workout. Finding proper number combinations strengthens our visual and scanning abilities significantly. Your spatial intelligence and short term memory will be tested to the max!

Critical Thinking
Hitori puzzles can be quite tricky and the solutions might not always be easy to find. Critical thinking and the ability to take risks, or guess which numbers to eliminate, are needed to solve the Hitori problems. Trial and error is not as common as it might seem, you can train this ability.

Sequential Thinking
In order to solve Hitori puzzles you need to be able to think in steps, being able to sequence, plan and use logic and strategic skills. Your prefrontal cortex in the frontal lobe will be put to work

Above all, number puzzles are fun and challenging. Can you solve them easily or do you need to practice more. Is your intrinsic motivation great enough or do you give up easily? If you love printable Hitori puzzles, and millions around the globe do, you will have no problems solving them. Educate your mind, print our puzzles out and go for it.

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