Free Printable Slitherlink Puzzles

Slitherlink is a great logic puzzle originally developed by Nikoli. There are many other names for the puzzle such as: Fences, Takegaki puzzles, Loop the Loops, Ouroboros puzzles and even the exotic name of Suriza and Dotty. We just call them Slitherlink and have them in 3 printable formats with answers:

printable slitherlink printable fences puzzles printable takegaki puzzles

The Rules of Slitherlink

1. Connect dots by a continuous path or loop

printable slitherlink puzzlesThe dots in the grid need to be connected by a continuous path, loop or slither (whatever language you prefer) without a begin and end point. It is not necessary to connect all the dots. Some dotted squared have a '0' as clue number and may not be part of the loop.

2. The dots must be connected horizontally or vertically

slitherlink rules The loop, path or slither, must connect dots either horizontally or vertically. Diagonal shortcuts, how tempting they might be, are not allowed according to the official Nikoli rules. In our example on the left we kind of ignored these rules The 3 in the upper right corner, has a diagonal connection. This is wrong, so don't.

3. The numbers between the dots indicate how many of its sides are part of the loop.

where to find free slitherlink puzzles Let's repeat this rule: the number between 4 dots indicate how many of its squared sides are part of the loop. A 3 printed between 4 dots has 3 lines that are part of a loop, a 1 has 1 line and a zero has o lines as part of the loop. A 5 is, therefore, impossible unless you find a Slitherlink puzzle with pentagons (maybe a good idea for the creative geniuses among us)

4. Dotted squares without a number can have any number of loop sides

how to play slitherlink puzzles When a group of 4 dots, or a dotted square doesn not contain a clue number it can have any number of sides that take part of the loop: be it 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4. It's up to you to figure this out. You can check the Wikipedia strategy page to get some additional ideas about numberless squares.

5. The loop may not have loose ends or branches.

printable ouroboros The loop drawn in the grid connecting some of it dots is continuous without a beginning and end and does not have side branches. In our example on the left, we are hopelessly lost as we have open ends. Not good!

Some Solving Strategies for Slitherlink Puzzles

There are a lot of solving strategies for the Slitherlink logic puzzles. We could highlight a couple of them but think it's better to recommend some of the excellent websites already online. Especially Wikipedia has a number of excellent number combination scanning techniques and strategies. Because of our respect for copyright, we prefer to refer to them rather than to copy their logic techniques.

Other website with information about the Slitherlink logic puzzles that we recommend are:
Conceptis Puzzles , BrainBashers , and Nikoli

Online Slitherlink Puzzles

There are people, and we can hardly imagine this, who like to play number puzzles online, on their tablet or even on the computer. I hope they eat a lot of carrots, because nothing is worse for the eyes than staring at monitors or mobiles while solving Slitherlink puzzles. So print them, especially the ones we make. But hey, if you insist we can recommend the following sites with the online game:, Puzzle Loop and Puzzle Mix.

Slitherlink Youtube Videos

Youtube wouldn't be Youtube if there wasn't a nice collection of videos with rules and solving strategies of the Slitherlink logic puzzle. We selected the following ones:

Printable Slitherlink Puzzles

Printing your puzzles is, in our humble opinion, the real deal. You can try to solve them, put them aside and pick 'm up again. No worries about batteries, screen size, loss of memories, computer viruses, cheat codes etc. There are still a lot of people who buy newspapers just for the puzzle sections, and that's good. Print them, solve them in the train, at work, wherever. We have printable Slitherlink logic puzzles in the following 3 formats:

printable slitherlinks free slitherlinks free logic puzzles

Click on the images to go to the PDF download pages. Have fun.

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