Free Printable 9 by 9 Sudoku Puzzles

printable sudoku puzzles Sudoku puzzles are arguably the most played number puzzles in the world. The rules are easy to understand and the puzzles can be quite challenging. Click here for the basic rules and solving techniques.

We have Sudoku puzzles in 4 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard and Ridiculously Difficult. Don't worry if you prefer to solve the 6 by 6 puzzles, as we offer these as well. (click here for 6 by 6 Sudokus!)

Sudoku 9 by 9 Puzzles

A couple of good reasons to play and solve Sudoku puzzles
Sudoku is not just a game or puzzle to kill time or boredom. Solving Sudokus is actually good for your brain and wellbeing. We came up with a couple of good reasons why you should print out our puzzles and keep doing so (we will not mention that printed versions are better for your eyes).

1. Solving Sudoku puzzles calm you down
Life is hectic; we are always busy and think about a million things. What to eat, how to finish your work, how to make up with your wife (husband), why do your neighbours annoy you, you name it but our minds are always working and under stress. Just like meditation, solving puzzles can relax you and take your mind of earthly matters. This might sound a bit flowery, but we believe it to be true!

2. Solving Sudoku makes us proud and more confident
Some Sudoku puzzles can be real nail biters and the pleasure you get from solving one, the sense of mastery, is comparable with solving another candy crush level. But without the annoying candy sounds of course!

3. Solving problems keeps our brains healthy
If you like to watch soap series whole day, eat crappy food and spend more time on your couch than a potato takes time to grow, there will be a good chance that when you get older you will forget a lot of things. In some cases you can see that as a benefit, but for most people this is not a very pleasurable. Just as speaking French or riding a bicycle, the brain needs to stay stimulated to keep in shape. Puzzles, whether Sudoku or jigsaws, keep our brains active and healthy.

4. Sudoku puzzles are for all ages and intelligence levels
Because Sudoku is so popular and there are so many puzzles available online (of course not as good as on this website), everyone can pick up a Sudoku puzzle and enjoy the puzzles as they come in all levels and sizes.

5. Sudoku puzzles strengthen your cognitive skills
If you can solve difficult puzzles, it is assumable that you can learn whatever you want: French, Math, playing guitar, all kind of educational challenges. It's all about determination, logic skills, spatial skills, memory and not giving up. Forms of intelligence that you can train. Not that the Sudoku logic puzzle is like a magic intelligence pill or something, but being able to complete them does help you master other matters!

printable sudoku puzzles We do not only offer Sudoku puzzles in the usual 9 by 9 grid format , but also in the 6 by 6 format. These are not easier per definition, as they also come in 4 difficulty levels, but tend to be less time consuming. Just click on the image to your left and you'll find loads of these 6 by 6 logic puzzles. We do not only offer Sudoku logic puzzles but many more Nikoli, or Japanese number printables. Especially Numbrix and Hidato are very popular. So if you are looking for more challenges, you found the right website!

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