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printable sudoku puzzles Sudoku puzzles are arguably the most popular number puzzles in the world. The rules are easy to understand but the puzzles can be quite challenging. Click here for the basic rules and solving techniques.

We have Sudoku puzzles in 4 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard and Stupendously Difficult. Don't worry if you prefer to solve the 6 by 6 puzzles, as we offer these as well. (click here for our 9 by 9 Puzzles)

Solving Sudoku puzzles make you smarter
Sudoku is not a math puzzle but a logic and intelligence puzzle. It is not necessary and even not wise to guess the position of the numbers. The combination of logic and sequential thinking stimulate our associative memory skills. In other words: solving Sudoku's with elimination strategies rather than guessing make us smarter.

Solving Sudoku puzzles is more than numbers
Improving your associative memory does not only improve your number analyzing skills. We can replace the numbers with symbols, sounds, smells, situations, shapes and whatever. Playing number puzzles such as Sudoku, Hidato and Numbrix strengthen your pattern solving abilities.

The Memory Bible (2002) and Prescription (2004)
In his books on the working of the memory and brains, Gary Small, states that our brains age the same way our bodies age. If you want to stay fit, you have to work out or go to the gym. The same principle works for our brain functions, we need to train it to keep fit. If we don't train or challenge our brains and intelligence, our brain functions will degenerate..

Solving Sudokus is better than vitamins
A very interesting article of the Daily Mail claims that solving puzzles such as Sudoku, keeps the brain active and is better for preserving our brain power than whatever vitamin. According to the article mental work outs can have a significant impact on our brain functions later in life. Even dementia and Alzheimer's are mentioned in the article. Click here for the Daily Mail article.

free printable sudoku puzzles We also offer Sudoku's in the common 9 by 9 format in 4 difficulty levels. Our files are in PDF form and come with answers. Do yourself a favour and don't look at the answers (kidding) The great thing (or not) about Sudoku is that if you make 1 small error you cannot finish it.

Click on the image to the left to go to our 9 by 9 Sudoku page. We also would like to remind you that we got loads of other great number puzzles such as: Masyu, Hidato, Numbrix, Build Bridges, Killer Sudoku, MathDoku (same as Ken Ken) and many more.

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