Free Printable 9 by 9 Slitherlink Puzzles

printable slitherlink puzzles Slitherlink puzzles are fun, challenging and nail biting addictive. The rules are not too difficult to understand. Connect all dots by a continuous loop, without start and end and no branches. Simple, not? This logic puzzle will boost your brain power and will challenge you from the start till the end. Can you complete all 9 by 9 puzzles, then please go for the 12 by 16 ones. Click here for the basic rules and solving techniques.

We have PDF Slitherlink puzzles in 3 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium and Hard. If you love our 9 by 9 Slithers, we are pretty sure you can appreciate our 6 by 6 and 12 by 16 Slitherlinks as well.

Slitherlink 9 by 9 Puzzles

3 steps you can take solving a Slitherlink puzzle.
There are many ways how you can master solving a Slitherlink puzzle, or any number and logic puzzle for that matter. We came up with 5 common steps to solve puzzles.

1. Read the puzzle's instructions
First step in solving a logic puzzle like Slitherlink is to read the instruction above the puzzle with the rules and objectives of the puzzle. This may sound rather simple, but many people fail to read the instructions and are not able to solve the Slitherlinks.

2. Find the obvious clues in the puzzle
When you start a puzzle it's important to scan the puzzle for the obvious starting clues such as obvious associations and possible eliminations. Especially Slitherlink puzzles have a lot of these clues. Click here for an excellent webpage with loads of these associations.

3. Scan the puzzle for advanced clues
After scanning the puzzle for the obvious easier clues, it's time to throw your experience in the mix. The more printable Slitherlinks you solved the more advanced patterns you can recognize.

printable ouroboros puzzles printable takegaki puzzles We also offer Slitherlink logic puzzles in the 6 by 6 and 12 by 16 formats also in 3 difficulty levels:
Easy, Medium and Hard.

Click on the images to the left to go the PDF download pages of our other Slitherlink puzzles. They are free, without registration and very addictive. Be careful

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