Super Hard Numbricks Logic Puzzles

At PuzzlesAndBrains we have a great selection of super difficult printable Numbricks logic with the same rules as the trademarked Numbrix puzzles.

You can choose from the following puzzle sizes:

Test your Brain Power with our puzzles

Solving Numbricks puzzles enhance intelligence
Being able to solve very hard Numbricks puzzles must mean that you are already very skilled in problem solving, but doing our puzzles also trains your brain power. Doing logic or number puzzles enhances your cognition and intelligence as well. Simply said, solving puzzles make you smart just as sport training makes you fit. The brain and body work pretty similar in this case.

Solving Numbrix puzzles is difficult
Yes and no! Our printable Numbricks logic puzzles come in 4 difficulty levels, from easy to very hard. You can always start with the easier levels and then work your way upwards. On this page you find the mentally hard puzzles we offer. Are they still too easy for you, then send us an email and we will create even more challenging brain boosters.

Numbricks puzzles are the same as Numbrix puzzles
This is not true. The rules and the layout of the puzzles are clearly similar, but the especially the name is different. Printable Numbrix puzzles are hard to find, but an online version of this trademarked name is available through (google!). We have created printable Numbricks puzzles for the fans of Numbrix not because we want to compete, but because we like a printed version on this logic number game.

Solving Number puzzles are good for math students
A lot of math teacher do indeed integrate our puzzles in their lessons. Puzzles like Mathdoku or Killer Sudoku do involve addition skills. We believe, however, that also Numbricks can be introduced during the math lessons as they require sequential and pattern recognizing thinking skills. These are essential qualities a math student need. Also in the math curricula we find topics as shape patterns, tessellation, geometry etc...

Solving Numbrix is for spatial intelligent people only
There are at least 9 types of intelligence, varying from logical to natural. Also spatial, or visual intelligence is a recognized form of intelligence and some people are more spatial intelligent than others. Doing and solving Numbricks puzzles enhances your spatial skills, so if you're not an spatial ace yet you might become one. Feel free to print as many Numbricks puzzles as you like.

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