Hard Level Numbricks Puzzles

At PuzzlesAndBrains we have loads of difficult and addictive printable Numbricks logic puzzles. They are quite similar to the printable Numbrix puzzles you might have encountered them online. Because the name Numbrix is trademarked we cannot use it.

You can choose from the following puzzle sizes:

We love Numbrix puzzles

4 good reasons to solve Numbrix or Numbricks puzzles
Numbricks are not just puzzles or games; solving logic puzzles actually benefit you in several ways. We have listed 4 of these advantages:

1. A fun way to stay mentally fit
Numbricks puzzles are great fun but also highly addictive. It feels great to find the solution and even better to print your next puzzle. It's a given fact that we need to keep our brains active all the time to keep it healthy and effective. What better way than to combine fun and brain development than to do logic puzzles? If you know a better way, please email us.

2. Reduces stress levels
There are many ways to reduce our daily stress. We can go for a massage, we can do yoga or do meditation or we can take a nap. Numbricks number and logic puzzles are also a great way to reduce those hormone forming stress levels. Print one of our puzzles, make some tea or have a beer and forget the world around you.

3. Strengthen your pattern recognition skills
Numbricks logic puzzles are great boosters for your pattern recognition strength. If you can connect all those numbers according to the rules, than you are able to recognize the pattern used in the puzzle. And the more you do this the better you get at this. Good thing for you is that mastery of Numbrix puzzles and its patterns does not only apply to the puzzles but also to many other situations. Learning a new language for example.

4. Enhance your problem solving skills
Quite simply said: Numbricks logic puzzles can be mind benders and take some time to solve and crack. The more difficult levels can challenge you to the max and force you to use those problem solving skills you might have. Don't worry if you don't, because by actively trying to solve these puzzles you enhance your problem solving skills as a freebie!

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