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At we offer you irresistible printable Kuromasu puzzles. These puzzles will boost your spatial intelligence and brain powers to the max. Click here for our 9 by 9 Kuromasu puzzles and click here for the super 12 by 18 Kuromasus. We have these addictive logic puzzles in 3 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium and hard!

If you want to print and solve our fantastic Kuromasu puzzles, click on the 2 images. We have quite a collection of the 9 by 9 and the 12 by 18 number versions! Have fun.

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Kuromasus are challenging number and position puzzles for leisure and brain training purposes. They combine strategy, insight, intelligence and fun. Math skills are not really required.

The Basic Rules of Kuromasu (aka kurodoko)

Just as other Nikoli puzzles, Kuromasu puzzles are highly addictive and very challenging. How many white cells are visible from a position in the grid. The lower clue numbers are easier to solve and can be a good starting point for the completion of the Kuromasu puzzles. We offer free printable Kuromasu puzzles in 3 difficulty levels: easy, medium and hard. Before you print them, please have a look at the following (easy to understand) rules of this Nikoli puzzle.

1. Cells must be colored (black) or stay white

Kuromasu puzzle rulesThe main objective of the game is to decide which cells in a grid must stay white and which must be colored, blackened, shaded or whatever, following the rules of the Kuromasu logic puzzle.

2. The numbers equal the white cells that can be seen from that cell, including itself

printable kurodokuSome cells in the grid have numbers printed in them and the objective that from that cell (including itself) you need to have a clear view of only white cells. In our example you see the number 9 having a clear view of 5 white cells above and 5 to the right (including the 8). So including itself it has 10 white cells connected horizontally or vertically. This is obviously wrong. The 9 in the last column is done right though: 5 white cells in its row and 4 in its column.

3. Numbered cells may not be black or colored

printable ??? puzzlesA very simple rule this one: numbered cells are white and may not be colored. The numbered cells are part of their number group. The 2 in our example is colored yellow thus wrong. It's often better to learn from mistakes. The numbered cells are part of the answer.

4. Two black/colored cells may not connect horizontally or vertically

printable kurodoku rulesTwo blackened, colored, shaded, or just non-white cells may not connect each other horizontally or vertically. In our example on the left you can clearly see that this rule is broken. The colored cells may connect diagonally though.

5. All white cells must be connected horizontally or vertically

printable ??? strategiesWhite cellls need to form a continuous group and must all be connected horizontally or vertically. As you can see in our example on the left, we have isolated the 2, which creates its own group of white cells. This is not allowed.

Advanced Kuromasu Solving strategies

There are some great websites with advanced solving techniques. The best is a source that offers a 20 page document comparing different solving methodologies. This was written by Tim van Meurs, a student from the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science. Click here for this document on the website of this Dutch Science Institute. We don't know Tim van Meurs, but he's a straight Kuromasu genius.

Other sites we recommend are Wikipedia , Stack Overflow , and Marshall Freeshell

Online Kuromasu Puzzles

If you really insist to to get a one way ticket to the eye doctor or are addicted to computer screens, rather than having beautifully printed versions of the Kuromasu logic puzzles, we have found some online versions of the game.
We can recommend: LSRHS (?), and a German/English language site named Janko.

If you want to print and solve our Kuromasu logic and puzzles, click on the 2 images below. We have quite a collection of the 9 by 9 and the 12 by 18 puzzles! Free, printable, no pop ups, no registration, no follow up emails, no nothing. Just fair and square. Have fun! Have fun.

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