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At PuzzlesAndBrains we have a nice collection of printable Kakuro puzzles (or Cross Sum puzzles) in 4 formats: 6 by 6, 8 by 8, 10 by 10 and 12 by 12. On this page you find the basic rules, tips and tricks and some information about online versions and Kakuro videos. Click on the images to go directly to our PDF puzzle download page.

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The Basic Kakuro Rules

1. Fill in the digits 1 to 9 in the empty white cells

kakuro rules The kakuro grids are divided in white cells, cells with printed numbers and shaded cells (dead cells). You have to fill in the numbers 1 to 9 in the white empty cells. There is no difference between the 6 by 6 grids or the 12 by 12 Kakuros, in both grid sizes the numbers 1 to 9 apply (so no 12 in the 12 by 12).

2. The sum of each horizontal block must equal the printed clue on its left

where to find printable kakuro puzzles The white cells form horizontal and vertical blocks. On the left side of a horizontal block you see a shaded cell with a diagonal line and 1 or 2 clue numbers. For the horizontal white blocks you need the clue above the line. The white cells need to add upto that clue number. In the example on the left you see a white block of 2 cells with the clue '4'. The answers must be a '1' and a '3' (2 and 2 are not allowed, see rule 4).

3. The sum of each vertical must equal the printed clue above it

kakuro puzzles for kids The same applies for the vertical groups of white blocks. Their clue numbers are under the diagonal lines. In our example on the left we have the clue '12' and have filled in a '3' and a '9'. We could also have used a 4 and 8, or 7 and 5. This is dependent in the rest of the puzzle and combines math and logic in the Kakuro puzzles.

4. You can only use a digit once in each horizontal or vertical block

how to solve kakuro puzzles In a group of white cells, be it horizontal or vertical, you may use a digit only once. In our example on the left we have 2 sixes adding up to 12 and this is not allowed. This rule only applies to the white cell groups and not to the horizontal and vertical grid lines (as in Sudoku).

General Solving Strategies for Kakuro Puzzles

Many Kakuro addicts (lovers) will know the addition and number combinations that are to be found in teh puzzle. Here are some general strategies for the printable kakuro math puzzles:

Know your Kakuro number/addition combinations

kakuro number combinationsKakuro is all about adding numbers and number combinations. A clue of '3' with 2 white cells can only be filled with a '1' and a '2'. A clue of of 6 with 3 white cells must be the combination 1,2 and 3. Click here to find a nice overview made by of all Kakuro number combinations. Mix your math and logic skills to solve our printable Kakuro puzzles.

Lone squares are easy give aways

printable kakuro puzzlesThis clue is pretty easy and simple to understand as it involves basic subtraction. If a white group has a lone white cell left, you can do the math and fill it in. In our example on the left you must fill in a '4' in the white group with the 5 clue (1 and 4 make 5). In the vertical group we have to add the number '5' as its clue on the top is a '6'. Very easy indeed.

There are a couple of great web resources with very advanced solving strategies. Our advice is to start with the easier 6 by 6 puzzles and work your way up in grid size. Do you really want to start with advanced Kakuro solving techniques, than we recommend the following web sources: Wikihow , , and Pro JP

Online Kakuro Applications

There are also a couple of websites offering an online version of the Kakuro puzzle: , , Kakuro Conquest , and are the best we found so far.

Not to scare you, but staring at a computer screen, monitor or mobile screen is not good for your eyes. Read the following publication for eye related health issues by that describes the effect of computer screens. We advice you (of course!!!!) to print your Kakuro puzzles and a great source for this is

Kakuro Youtube Tutorial Videos

There are some nice tutorial videos with rules and solving strategies of the Kakuro logic puzzle on Youtube. We selected the following 3:

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