Free Printable Build Bridges (Hashiwokakero)Puzzles

At we offer you the highly addictive hashiwokakero (or ashi o kakero puzzles). Without any disrespect to the beautiful Japanese language, we prefer the name Build Bridges, because a hashiwokakero puzzle is probably more difficult to spell than to solve.

We have Build Bridges puzzles in 3 formats: the easier 6 by 6, the more challenging 9 by 9 and the cracking 12 by 18 grid sizes. Click here or on the images below to go to the puzzles download page.

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All our puzzles are in PDF form, come with answers (don't peak) and easy to print. They are free, there are no annoying popups and no need for registration. Pure, simple and made for Japanese/Nikoli puzzle fans. Have fun.

Killer Sudoku are excellent puzzles for leisure and educational purposes as they combine fun, logic and math skills.

The Basic Rules of Build Bridges (?????)

Build Bridges is a fantastic visual logic puzzle that will hook you immediately. Within the grids of different sizes you find islands and numbers and have to connect the island by so called bridges. This logic puzzle will test your spatial intelligence to the max.

1. Draw bridges (lines) between the islands (numbered circles)

printable Hashiwokakero puzzles The Build Bridges grids are filled with numbered circles. The goal of the puzzle is to connect all islands (circles) by drawing lines (bridges between them). All islands must be connected.

2. The number of bridges connecting an island must equal the number in the circle

Hashiwokakero rules Each island has a number printed in it and the number of lines, bridges, that connect an island must equal to that number. In the example on the left you can see that the blue island is connected by 2 bridges and that the island with the 4 in it is connected by 4 single bridges.

3. The maximum number of bridges connecting two islands is 2

Where to find printable Hashiwokakero The maximum number of lines between islands is 2, either a single bridge or double bridge are allowed. You are not allowed to draw let's say 3 bridges between the 3 and the 4 in our example on the left.

4. The bridges connect islands horizontally or vertically

Where to find printable Build Bridges puzzles The bridges that connect the islands are draw horizontally or vertically. You may not connect islands diagonally. The example on the left shows an incorrect solution, the 2 ones and the 2 are connected with diagonal lines! Not possible!

5. The bridges may not cross each other

Build Bridges rules Another important rule is that the bridges may not cross each other. In the example we see the bridge between the 3 and the 1's cross, which is not allowed.

6. The bridges and islands must form a single connected group

Hashiwokakero strategies All islands are connected by bridges that form a single connected group that does not cross itself (rule 5). In our example we have 2 groups of islands. The 2 twos are a single group, which is not allowed.

Youtube videos about Build Bridges (?????)

There are some nice youtube videos with Hashiwokakero explanation, tips and tricks. It will come in handy to watch them, while trying to solve our printed logic puzzles:

Online Hashiwokakero, Build Bridges (?????) puzzles:

Of course there are some nice online Hashiwokakero puzzles available on internet and Google Playstore. We recommend the following puzzle resources: Agame, Bezumie and Puzzle Bridges.

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