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Do you have a publication, a magazine, newspaper, website, school paper and you would like to publish our puzzles copyright free? Then please don't hesitate to contact us. We can make as many puzzles as you like with your copyright or name. We can deliver puzzles on a daily, weekly or monthly base in any format or grid size and in the file format of your choice. At the moment we can offer you the following puzzles:

Killer Sudoku

printable Killer Sudoku puzzlesKiller Sudoku is a mathematical version of the famous Sudoku puzzle, with an added condition to it. Numbers in so called cages need to add up to a given sum. We can deliver hundreds of Killer Sudoku puzzles, in many grid sizes and difficulty levels. Contact us for more information.


printable KenKen-like puzzlesMathDoku is pretty similar to the famous KenKen puzzles. In MathDoku you need to use the 4 math operators. In cages you must fill in numbers in such that the product, sum, quotient or difference match a given target number in a cage. MathDoku is excellent for math students as it motivates students and enhances their math skills. We can produce Math Doku puzzles in all formats.

Regular Sudoku

printable Sudoku puzzlesMillions of people all over the world do Sudoku puzzles and are completely hooked on them. This puzzle is a great brain workout for people of all ages. We love'm too and offer a printable version of this logic puzzle in several difficulty levels and grid sizes. Please let us know what your requirements are.


printable Numbrix-like puzzlesNumbrix is a trademarked name, so we may not produce Numbrix puzzles. We can, however, offer Numbricks puzzles that have the same rules as Numbrix. We could give this logic puzzle any name you'd like. We offer the Numbricks puzzles in all grid sizes and difficulty levels.

Hidato/Number Snake

printable Hidato-like puzzlesHidato is a great logic puzzle that will both test and boost your brain power. The rules are similar to those of Numbrix with the main difference the ability to connect numbers diagonally. We offer Number Snake puzzles (Hidato is trademarked name) in all possible file layouts, difficulty levels and grid sizes and grid forms. Let us know what your requirements are.


printable kakuro puzzlesKakuro is quite similar to Killer Sudoku; numbers in a group of white cells need to add up to a certain target number. Kakuro is quite famous among math teachers, as the puzzle is a boost for students' arithmetical skills. Students love these puzzles. We can offer Kakuros in many sizes and levels for your publication, school magazine or website.


printable nurikabe puzzlesNurikabe is a Nikoli puzzle that will boost your spatial intelligence. You need to determine whether cells are shaded or need to stay white so that they form islands of white cells. We love Nurikabe and can offer them for your publication. We can produce them in any thinkable grid size or difficulty level. Please contact us for more information

Build Bridges/Hashiwokakero

printable puzzles/HashiwokakeroBuild Bridges, or Hashiwokakero, is a Japanese logic puzzle that will boost your visual and logic skills. Islands must be connected by bridges and the number of bridges connecting an island is printed in it. Very addictive and great fun. We have Build Bridges puzzles in all possible grid sizes. Please let us know what your requirements are.


printable Masyu puzzlesMasyu is a logic puzzle in which circles in a grid must be connected by a continuous loop or path. Circles pass through white circls or turn in dark circles and must form a single line. Masyu is a very challenging puzzle that we can offer in in any difficulty level and file format. This puzzle might be great for your publication.


printable Slitherlink puzzlesIn Slitherlink puzzles the main objective is to create a continuous slither or path in a grid with dotted squares and numbers. The number of sides of each dotted square that must be part of the loop, is the number printed in the dotted square. We can offer Slitherlink puzzles in all possible grid sizes, file formats and difficulty levels.


printable Kuromasu puzzlesKuromasu is a logic puzzle first developed by Nikoli. How many free white cells can be seen from a numbered cell? This spatial logic puzzle will challenge anyone. We offer them, as you can imagine by now, in all sizes and levels. Let us know what your requirements are.


printable Hitori puzzlesIn Hitori we need to eliminate duplicate numbers in each row and column by shading them. This highly addictive logic puzzle is one of our favorites and we offer printable Hitori puzzles for your publication, website, magazine. Please contact us for more information.

Do you want to publish our puzzles in a school magazine?

For schools or student publications, we can offer our puzzles at different (much lower) rates. Please contact us for the possibilities or send an email to contact@puzzlesandbrains.com .

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