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At we have hundreds of printable Sudoku puzzles for you. We offer puzzles in 2 formats: 6 by 6 and 9 by 9. Click here for our 6 by 6 puzzles and click here for the 9 by 9 puzzles.We have Sudoku logic puzzles in 4 difficulty levels: easy, medium, hard and very hard!

printable sudoku puzzles printable logic puzzles

Sudoku puzzles are the ultimate puzzles for brain development and inner peace, but be aware that they can be highly addictive.

The Basic Rules of Sudoku (??)

1. Numbers may only appear once in each row.

sudoku rulesSudoku grids, in whatever format are divided in rows, colums and regions (marked by a thick black line). In case of the 6 by grid, he numbers 1 to 6 must be filled in each row and column once. In this example we have 2 ones in the first row. This is not allowed! The first one (in position 3) is wrong and should be a ........... 5! Good thinking.

2. Numbers may only appear once in each column.

how to play sudokuIn this 6 by 6 grid, we have 2 twos in the first column. Also this is not allowed, as we need to fill in the numbers 1 to 6 once in each row, column and region. Which 2 is wrong? The 2 in position 5 is wrong and needs to be changed to

a ........... 4! Please note that in case of a 9 by 9 grid, we have to fill in the numbers 1 to 9 in the rows, columns and regions.

3. Numbers may only appear once in each region.

where to find free printable sudokusSimilar to the row and column rules, each number must be filled in once in each region of a Sudoku grid. In the 6 by 6 grid, the regions and are the marked 3 by 2 areas (3 x 2 equals 6 numbers) , whereas in a 9 by 9 grid the regions are 3 by 3 (3 times 3 equals 9 numbers). There are 2 sixes in our top right regions and this is......... not alllowed! The six in the second row must be a .............?

You figure it out; Sudoku is not that difficult!

Strategies to solve Sudoku puzzles

There are literally hundreds of websites that have superb solving strategies and techniques for solving Sudoku puzzles. We figured out that instead of using our time to write them all down, we better focus on making printable and easy for the eyes Sudoku puzzles. Click here for our 6 by 6 Sudoku puzzles and click here for the 9 by 9 puzzles.

The sites with solving techniques we recommend are Sudoku of the Day , Kristanix , and Paul's Pages

Youtube wouldn't be Youtube if there wouldn't be loads of interesting Sudoku instruction videos. Have a look at the following great videos:

Online Sudoku Puzzles

If you really insist to play Sudoku online, despite the fact that your eyes will turn into squares after a while, we found some very nice online Sudoku sites. Please note, that we offer only printable puzzles and take no responsibilty for the online games. They might have errors, turn you in an addict or send you straight to the eye doctor! Some of the nice online games we found were: My, and FunBrain.

If you prefer our printable Sudoku logic puzzles, click on the 2 images. We have 6 by 6 number puzzles and 9 by 9 grids! Have fun.

printable sudoku puzzles printable logic puzzles

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