Free Printable Nurikabe Puzzles

If you want to print and solve our Nurikabe logic puzzles, click on the images below. We have quite a collection of the 6 by and the 10 by 10 game versions! Have fun.

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The Basic Rules of Nurikabe (????)

1. Cells are either white or colored (shaded or black)

printable ????The cells in the squared Nurikabe grids are either white (with a number in them) or black/shaded. Groups of white cells are called islands and groups of dark cells are called 'the wall'. The objective of the game is to determine which cells stay white and which cells need to be colored/shaded.

2. Each island contains exactly one clue

free Nurikabe puzzles The number of white squares in each individual island must equal the value of the clue. In this example we have 2 islands with 2 white cells 2 islands with 5 white cells and 1 island with 4 white cells. The clue numbers match the number of white cells.

3. The white islands are isolated

Nurikabe rules All white islands must be isolated from each other. They may not touch each other horizontally or vertically. Diagonal connectivity is allowed though. As you can see, all islands are isolated except the island with 4 cells and the one with 2 white cells. They are diagonally connected, which is allowed.

4. The wall may not contain 2 by 2 areas of shaded cells

where to find printable Nurikabe puzzles The wall, the shaded cells, may not contain 2 by 2 blocks. In our example we even have a 3 by 2 block, which is not allowed. We have circled this block to accentuate it. Make sure that there are no 2 by 2 areas in your solution, or the puzzle solution is invalid!

5. The wall must form a continuous path

printable Nurikabe logic puzzles The wall, the shaded cells, must form a continuous path. No shaded cell, or group of shaded cells, may be isolated from the wall. In other words: there must be 1 continuous wall! In our example we have isolated the shaded cell in the right top corner, which is not allowed.

Some Easy Solving Strategies for Nurikabe Puzzles

Many Nurikabe puzzle players find the easiest clues to start with. Here we have summed the most common starting techniques.

Start with the '1' islands

printable logic puzzlesThe 1 clue is the easiest to start with, as all the horizontal and vertical adjacent cells must be part of the wall. In our example we have shaded these adjacent cells blue!

Numbers separated by only 1 square

free nurikabe puzzlesNurikabe rule number 3 indicates that islands may not be horizontally and vertically adjacent. If there is just 1 cell between numbers, this cell must be a shaded cell. We have shade the cell between the 5 and the 2 blue and the cell between the 2 twos red. If these cells were not shaded, the islands would touch each other horizontally or vertically.

Numbers that are diagonally adjacent

how to solve nurikabe puzzlesThis is pretty much similar as the previous suggestions. When 2 clue numbers are diagonally adjacent then each of the squares touching the clue number must be shaded. If you don't shade them, you would break rule 3. And we don't want to break the rules, now do we?

There are loads of advanced solving techniques for solving the Nurikabe puzzles that we don't want to bother you too much with. A great resource for advanced solving strategies is the website:

There are also a couple of websites offering an online version of the Nurikabe puzzle:
Puzzle-Nurikabe , Logic Games Online , and Puzzle Madness are some of the best we found so far.

But if you prefer to print Nurikabes, which is much better for your eyes of course, you can find them on this beautiful website for free in pdf form: Just click here

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