Medium Level Numbricks Puzzles

At PuzzlesAndBrains we have a great selection of medium level printable Numbricks logic puzzles with the same rules as the famous Numbrix puzzles. Our Numbricks logic puzzles are printable and free of charge. We offer them because we like them ourselves.

You can choose from the following puzzle sizes:

Why Numbricks?

A couple of good reasons to print and solve Numbrix puzzles
Numbrix is not just a game or puzzle to kill time or boredom. Solving these logic puzzles is actually good for your brain power and development. We came up with a couple of good reasons why you should print out our (our!) puzzles (we will not mention again that printed versions are better for your eyes).

1. Solving logic puzzles calm you down
Life is hectic; we are always busy and think about a trillion things, often leading to stress. A life can be a stressful event whit all those things on our minds. It would be great to concentrate on simple things, just as meditation works. Solving puzzles can relax you and take your mind of earthly matters. Solving puzzles not only strengthen our brain functions, but just as reading books, relax us or calm us down. A double brain whammy we tend to think.

2. Solving Numbrix puzzles gives us self-esteem
Some Numbricks puzzles can be really hard to solve. You could compare this with the more difficult Angry Birds levels. If you can solve these, you feel good. You feel confident and your self-esteem rises. This newly gained self-esteem can be transferred to your daily routine. On the other side of the coin, if you can't solve a might feel miserable. You are warned.

3. Solving problems keeps our brains active
If you like to lie on the couch whole day eating potato chips, so be it. We find it not very challenging, but maybe you do. Solving puzzles, au contraire, are challenging in our opinion. Our brains are very active when we solve number puzzles. Busy and active brains tend be healthier on the long run.

4. Numbricks puzzles are for all intelligence levels
We have 4 difficulty levels of our Numbricks puzzles posted online, so you could start with the easier ones to get a certain feeling with the logic of these brain teasers and then move on to your specific difficulty level. Is your IQ higher than 250, than we advise you to do the puzzles upside down. Is your IQ lower than 25, than you can print out the ones with the answer already given.

5. Numbrix puzzles boost (meta)cognition
If you are able to solve Numbricks or Hidato puzzles within a certain time frame and without having a look at the answers, we can assure you of being an intelligent cognitive thinker. The more problems you solve, and we mean puzzles, the more intelligent you become. Mastery is a great thing to achieve. If the only thing you do is solving puzzles and you never come outside or have social contact, your IQ might be high (thanks to our puzzles of course), but your EQ might need a balancing boost. Unfortunately we cannot help you with that, other than to advise you to open a Facebook account.

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