Easier Numbricks Logic Puzzles

At PuzzlesAndBrains we have a great selection of printable Numbricks logic puzzles that are remarkable similar to the Numbrix puzzles already available in online version. We offer our printable PDF puzzles in 4 difficulty levels, easier ones, medium, rare, hard and very hard.

You can choose from the following puzzle sizes:

Numbrix is the ultimate brain training

Solving Numbricks puzzles make you smarter
Numbrix or Numbricks is not a math number puzzle but a logic and intelligence puzzle. The combination of logic and sequential thinking stimulates our associative memory skills. In other words: solving Numbrix puzzles with a defined strategy make us smarter. The more you practice your logic skills, the better you get at it. That's logic in itself, the way the brain develops itself is similar to the body: the more we train, the stronger we get.

Solving Numbrix puzzles is more than numbers
Solving puzzles such as Sudoku, Hidato and Numbrix strengthens your pattern solving abilities. These patterns do not only appear when solving puzzles as we can see patterns everywhere in our lives. Patterns with colors, shapes, sounds, tastes, you name it. The ability to train your brain recognizing and completing patterns has also an enhancing effect on other pattern structures.

The Memory Bible (2002) and Prescription (2004)
In his books The Memory Bible and Prescription, Gary Small, compares the brain with your physical composure. If you want to stay fit, you have to train. The same principle works for our brain functions, we need to reinforce and maintain it to keep fit. If we don't keep our brains strong, get a brain boost from time to time, its functions will decrease.

Solving Number puzzles is better than vitamin pills
An article in the Daily Mail of a while ago states that solving puzzles such as Sudoku, or Numbrix, keeps the brain active. An active brain is better at preserving brain power than whatever vitamin. Mental workouts can have a significant impact on our brain functions later in life. Even dementia and Alzheimer's are mentioned in the article. Click here for the Daily Mail article.

Solving Numbrix puzzles calm you down
As with many printable number puzzles, solving them, finding the right strategy relaxes us. You can compare this effect with reading a good book.

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