Free Printable 12 by 15 Masyu Logic Puzzles

printable Masyu puzzles Masyu is a fantastic visual, spatial and logic puzzle where you have to connect circles by a continuous line or path. This puzzle will challenge you from the start to completion. Are you able to solve them, than you are a spatial and logical genius. We have made Masyu puzzles in 3 levels: Easy, Medium and Hard. Masyu is originally developed and published by Nikoli!

Click here for the basic rules and solving techniques.

A couple of good reasons to solve Masyu puzzles
Masyu is not just a puzzle, a way to kill time, or kill boredom, no they are a way of life for some puzzle addicts. The puzzles are of course great for your mind and soul. Here a couple of good reasons to print and solve our puzzles:

1. Problem Solving Skills
Let's repeat this old chestnut: solving logic puzzles enhance problem solving skills. Quite logic of course, because the more we practice something the better we tend to get at that something. If after trying 100 Masyu puzzles you still can't solve 1, we advise you to try something else. We have to be honest with you.

2. Boost brain power
Better than whatever medicine or vitamin, solving puzzles, from jigsaw to Candy Crush, boost our brain power. Keeping our minds busy with intelligent things is better than having marital stressm heavy drinking or smoking pot. Solving puzzles can help you train your brain functions enhance intelligence.

3. Spatial intelligence
Masyu is a spatial logic puzzle that will strengthen your visual pattern recognition. Patterns are all around us, just have a good look. Solving Masyu puzzles keeps our spatial brain functions active and strengthens them. The more we train our brain, the stronger it gets. The less we do, the sleepier we get.

printable Nikoli puzzles We also have Masyu logic puzzles in the skull tickling 9 by 9 grids. Also for this grid size we have 3 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium and Hard.


In general we can say that the larger 12 by 15 grid size are more challenging than the 9 by 9 puzzles., but don't underestimate the visual intelligence needed to solve our 9 by 9's.

Click here to go to our 9 by 9 Masyu logic puzzles.

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