Free Printable 12 by 18 Kuromasu Logic Puzzles

printable kurodoku ??? puzzles Kuromasu is a great number, spatial and logic puzzle where you have to determine how many cells stay white or how many must be colored (blackened). This puzzle will challenge you from the start to completion. Are you able to solve them, than you are a numberl and logical genius. We have made Kuromasu puzzles in 3 levels: Easy, Medium and Hard. Masyu is originally developed and published by Nikoli!

Click here for the basic rules and solving techniques.

Kuromasu 12 by 18 Puzzles

Spatial intelligence
Kuromasu puzzles are based on seeing spatial patterns in a grid. The ability to see combinations of white cells forming a defined plane requires a visual smartness. By solving our printable Kuromasus you will train your brain and enhance your spatial awareness.

Sequential Thinking
In order to solve Kuromasu puzzles you need to be able to think in steps, being able to sequence, plan and execute a chosen strategy. These meta cognitive attributes will put your prefrontal cortex in the frontal lobe to work.

Above all, number puzzles are fun and challenging. Can you solve them easily or do you need to practice more. Is your intrinsic motivation great enough or do you give up easily? Solving our puzzles will increase you motivation in other areas as well. By solving these Educate brain teasers, your self-esteem will rise! So train your body, soul and mind and solve our puzzles. Have fun.

printable kuromasu puzzles We also have Kuromasu logic and number puzzles in the mind dazzling 9 by 9 3 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium and Hard.


Challenge yourself and print these puzzles. Research has shown us that printed puzzles are better for your eyes, are more relaxing and can be put aside to rethink your strategies better.

Click here to go to our 9 by 9 Kuromasu number and logic puzzles.

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