Free Printable 9 by 9 Kuromasu Logic Puzzles

printable kurodoku ??? puzzles Kuromasu, or Kurodoko puzzles are number puzzles in which you need to determine how many white cells (opposed to dark or colored cells) can be seen from a numbered cell. The Kuromasu logic puzzle is great for young and old and we have them in PDF format in in 3 levels: Easy, Medium and Hard. Kuromasu is originally developed and published by Nikoli!

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Kuromasu 9 by 9 Puzzles

Kuromasu Puzzles are great way to boost brain power
Kuromasu puzzles, or ??? kurodoko in Japanese, are very much suited to keep your brains in shape. The visual and logic elements of the puzzle will keep you challenged and can serve as a great mental workout. It's not just our bodies that need a workout, also our brains need to be trained as much as we can. A strong body comes with a healthy mind.

Problem Solving
Solving Kuromasu puzzles or other logic number puzzles increase both your cognitive and problem solving skills. If you are able to solve Kuromasu puzzles, you will be able to solve many other problems as well as you can strengthen your meta cognitive skills by doing brain teasers.

Visual Perception and Memory
Solving Kuromasu puzzles has a great effect on our visual perception. You need to see and analyze cell combinations, giving our Occipital Lobe a lovely workout. Finding proper cell combinations strengthens our visual and scanning abilities significantly. Your spatial intelligence and short term memory will be tested and challenged!

Critical Thinking
Kuromasu puzzles can be quite tricky and the solutions might not always be easy to find. Critical thinking and the ability to take risks, or guess which combinations need to be eliminated, are needed to solve the Kurodoko problems. Trial and error is is an ability that you can and must practice.

printable kuromasu puzzles We also have Kuromasu logic puzzles in the brain cracking 12 by 18 grids. Also for this grid size we have 3 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium and Hard.

The larger the grid, the more challenging the Kuromasu puzzle can be. Especially the hardest versions

Click here to go to our 12 by 18 Kuromasu puzzles.

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