Free Printable 9 by 9 Killer Sudoku Puzzles

printable samunamupure Killer Sudokus are a combination of Kakuro and Sudoku puzzles. We have them in printable form so that you can print them out and solve them at home, in bed or anywhere without a computer screen.
On this page you find our 9 by 9 Killer Puzzles (also known as Sumdoku or Addoku) in PDF format.

Click here for more information on the basic rules and solving techniques.

Killer Sudoku 9 by 9 Puzzles

A couple of good reasons to solve Killer Sudoku puzzles
Killer Sudoku is not just a game, a way to kill time, or kill boredom. The puzzles are actually great for your mind and soul. Here a couple of good reasons to print and do our puzzles (ok, or other puzzles):

1. Abstract Thinking Skills
By solving problems people enhance deductive reasoning skills necessary to find different ways to complete a puzzle. This adaptive thinking, adapting to different situations is a useful skill that doesn't only benefit you while solving Killer puzzles, but also come in handy in your work or study situation.

2. Imagination and Creativity
A computers doesn't need creativity as they do exactly what they are told (programmed), but us mortals need to think out of the box to solve problems. We desperately need to be challenged as much as we need love and affection. Imagination and creativity are the skills needed not just to solve puzzles, but to sort out ourselves as well. Is it really that simple? Yes it is! We are open for discussion of course, just send an email.

3. Persistence and Self Correction
A lot of people give things up when they become a touch too difficult. If you wouldn't have to think, apply trial and error, when you solve a puzzle, the puzzle would be too easy and boring. Maybe your 2 year old toddler might like it, but puzzles shouldn't be too easy or too difficult. Puzzles need to challenge our persistence; not giving up, trying again, and correcting your errors. Improving and working on your persistence level is not just handy for candy crush, Killer Sudoku or whatever puzzle or game, but for anything you do (or didn't do) in life!

printable killer sudokus We also have Killer Sudoku puzzles in the smaller 6 by 6 grid formats. Just as the 9 by 9 puzzles, we have 4 difficulty levels. Click on the image to the left to find the 6 by 6 Killer Sudoku's.

Start with the easier ones, educate yourself and go to the more challenging levels. Be persistent and use your math skills (or train them) You could use these Killer Sudoku's as remedial math materials.

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