Free Printable 6 by 6 Killer Sudoku Puzzles

printable samunamupure Killer Sudokus are basically a mix between regular Sudoku and Kakuro. You also find these puzzles under the names Sumdoku, Addoku. On this page you find our 6 by 6 Killer Puzzles in PDF format. Each file contains 2 puzzles and the answers. Click here for more information on the basic rules and solving techniques.

The puzzles come in 4 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard and Too Hard! If you like to play the 9 by 9 Killer Sudoku puzzles, click here!

Killer Sudoku 6 by 6 Puzzles

Solving Killer Sudoku puzzles improve your math skills
When you combine logic and addition elements to a puzzle, they become excellent math training materials. A lot of teachers use our Killer Sudokus as remedial math material. Our printables are not just fun, but also have a positive effect on your numeral intelligence.

Logic Puzzles increase Problem Solving Skills
Killer Sudoku adds an extra dimension to the Sudoku logic puzzles. This extra, mathematical dimension, make these puzzles very suitable for logic and IQ training. This is the case for everyone, not just for math students.

Increase your self esteem
The accomplishment of finishing a difficult puzzle gives you satisfaction and pride. This provides you with a boost of self-confidence and self-esteem that can easily be used for other challenges you face in your daily life.

Meta Cognition
Solving Sumdokus, Addokus or Killer Sudokus, whatever you want to call these puzzles does not just boost your cognitive skills but also your meta cognitive skills. The ability to organize your problem solving skills, the planning on how to solve a problem and the framework of the solution are part of your meta cognition. Skills that are not just useful when you solve a puzzle, game or riddle, but also in your home and work environment.

Puzzles calm you down, call it a form of meditation
For self development and inner peace we don't have to travel to India to join some cult or jodi master, we can do that at home, in the train (better not behind your wheels), in the park or at home. You can enhance your relaxed personality side wherever you find the time and a place to solve simple word and number puzzles. Solving puzzles calm you down, make you reflect on yourself and daily life and are absolutely a form of mediation for many people.

printable killer sudokus We also have Killer Sudoku puzzles in the more challenging 9 by 9 grid formats. Just as the 6 by 6 puzzles, we have 4 difficulty levels. So start with the easier ones, master this puzzle (very addictive) and go to the more challenging levels.

Don't give up in the beginning. Your math skills will shoot through the roof before you know it!

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