Free Printable Kakuro Math and Logic Puzzles

printable kakuro puzzles Kakuro puzzles look like a mix between Sudoku and Math. You will need both logic skills as addition skills to solve the puzzles. We have a selection of great printable Kakuro puzzles as listed below. Click here for more information on the basic rules and solving techniques.

The puzzles come in 4 grid levels: 6 by 6, 8 by 8, 10 by 10 and 12 by 12! Use your addition and problem solving abilities!

Kakuro 6 by 6 Puzzles

Kakuro 8 by 8 Puzzles

Kakuro 10 by 10 Puzzles

Kakuro 12 by 12 Puzzles

Solving Kakuro puzzles can improve your math skills
Kakuro puzzles combine logic with addition skills and are excellent math remedial training materials. By getting better in the addition combinations involved in the Kakuro grids, you will get better at mathematical operations in general. Solving Kakuro puzzles does not only boost your brain power, but also your math skills.

Kakuro Puzzles increase Problem Solving Skills
Kakuro puzzles are said to add an extra dimension to the Sudoku logic puzzles. This extra, mathematical dimension, make these puzzles very suitable for math and IQ training. Your problem solving skills will be tested to the max. Solving Kakuro puzzles requires you to combine addition skills and logic. Only math won't solve these puzzles, you need to apply your logic and problem solving skills as well.

Solving Kakuros make you proud of yourself
The accomplishment of finishing a difficult Kakuro puzzle increases your self-esteem. This boosted self-confidence, the belief in your abilities, will benefit you in all aspect of your personal life. This might sound weird, but is quite simple. To solve difficult situation, solve problems, increases our brain power. Combine this with a feeling of achievement, motivation or self- esteem, and it's easy to see why Kakuro puzzles can be good for you. Better than watching tv in our opinion.

Meta Cognition
Solving Kakuros, Sudokus or whatever puzzle you like boosts your cognitive skills and intelligence but also your meta cognitive skills. The ability to organize your problem solving skills, to think sequentially is part of your meta cognition. Meta cognitive skills are very important as they form the framework for our thinking, logic and problem solving abilities.

Puzzles are relaxing
Solving puzzles calm you down, make you reflect on yourself and daily life and can be a form of mediation for many people. Compare it with reading books rather than watching tv. Reading is relaxing, form imagination and calms you down. Puzzles can have the same functions, but can also have the opposite effect. If your start throwing with in frustration because you're not seeing the answer, we advise you to go to the library and pick reading instead.

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