Printable Number Hidato Puzzles

Here you find our selection of easy printable Hidato logic puzzles. Click here for a clear explanation of the rules.. The puzzles will boost brain power and test your cognitive abilities to the max. Our Hidato-like puzzles come in 4 difficulty level and different puzzle sizes.

Use the select box below and select your prefered level and puzzle size.


What are Hidato-like Number Hidato puzzles?

The objective of our Number Hidato puzzles is is to form a continuous path of numbers from 1 to the (given) end number of the puzzle. This end number depends on the grid size. A 10 by 10 puzzles, for example, has 100 cells, so the objective is to connect the numbers 1 to 100. The grids are filled with the start number, the end number and some random clue numbers and it's up to you to fill in the missing numbers in such that they connect horizontally, vertically or diagonally (see the rules). The more difficult the logic puzzle, the less clue numbers are printed.

We have printable Number Hidato puzzles in 4 difficulty level. You can use the search box on top of this page or click on the images below to select the levels and sizes of our Hidato-like puzzles

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