Very Hard Level Hidato-like Puzzles

At PuzzlesAndBrains we have a great selection of Hidato-like logic puzzles. On this page you find the easier ones. Our logic puzzles are printable and free of charge. Hidato will boost your brain power and test your cognitive abilities to the max.

You can choose from the following puzzle sizes:

Keeping your brain in top shape
Just as with our bodies we need to train our brains and keep them fit. Nutrition and workouts are not sufficient, we also need mental workouts and reduce our stress level. How to do that? We came up with a couple of things that can keep our brains in top shape.

Reading books
Despite the fact that we don't offer books, we do advise everyone to pick up a book occasionally. Reading is essential in terms of brain development and brain training. Where movies and television serve us the information in fast food-like proportions, reading requires imagination and focus. Reading makes you more intelligence, calms you down and keeps your brain powers active! And we are not talking about cartoons here!

Physical exercise

Exercising releases specific chemicals to your brain such as Endorphins and certain growth hormones. The brain is a muscle and also needs those growth hormones, so by exercising your body will make also share with your brain. So first print one of our puzzles, solve it and then to the gym.

Solving logic puzzles
Solving Number Hidato puzzles keeps your brain sharp and fit. The brain's left part is our logic reasoning center and this needs to stay in shape. Puzzles keep you alert, awake and boost our brain powers. Actively solving puzzles and working on problem solving strategies keeps our brains young and fit! So don't read this, but print one of our puzzles and work it!

We love music and so does the right side of your brain. Especially pianos stimulate the music center in our brains. So the solution to keep your brain in top shape is fairly easy, read a book, go to the gym, solve some puzzles and put on your ipod while doing this!

If you like our printable Hidato-like logic puzzles, you can try our other difficulty levels:

If you like our printable Hidato-like logic puzzles, you can try our other difficulty levels:

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