Medium Level Hidato-like Puzzles

At PuzzlesAndBrains we have a great selection of Hidato-like logic puzzles. On this page you find the easier ones. Our logic puzzles are printable and free of charge. Number Hidato will boost your brain power and test your cognitive abilities to the max.

You can choose from the following puzzle sizes:

We offer printable Number Hidato puzzles
We love doing and solving puzzles and there are some great online applications that offer great puzzles, but nothing beats the real deal: printable logic puzzles. Having a printout is better for the eyes and we can take it with us where ever we wish to go. There are not a lot of printable puzzles online anymore, so we thought let's make thousands of them and offer them for free to anyone who wants to.

Solving puzzles relaxes us
Solving puzzles is a great escape from the reality of real life. Actively solving brain teasers, logic and number puzzles keep our minds young and especially busy for a while. This has a relaxing effect on our brains and can be seen as brain exercise.

Solving Number Hidato puzzles make you clever
it would be too easy to claim that our puzzles make you clever, cause there are many other factors deciding whether you are smart or not so smart. It is however a given that solving problems or puzzles does contribute to intelligence by boosting our brain power. Train your body and mind!

Number Hidato puzzles look a lot like Hidato and Numbrix puzzles
Our printable Number Hidato puzzles do indeed look a lot like the Hidato puzzles. The rules are similar and the look and feel are also the same. Hidato and are trademarked and it is impossible for us to use the same name (unlike with Sudoku). The main difference with the famous Numbrix puzzles is that in Hidato/Number Hidato you are allowed to connect the numbers diagonally.

Brain power
When we get older it is important to train and take our brain functions serious. By solving puzzles we stay sharp, alert and are better able to solve problems. Just like with our bodies, our brains need maintenance and training and the older we get the more training or brain boosting is needed. So, print out those puzzles and solve them.

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