Hard Level Hidato-like Puzzles

At PuzzlesAndBrains we have a great selection of Hidato-like logic puzzles. On this page you find the easier ones. Our logic puzzles are printable and free of charge. Number Hidato will boost your brain power and test your cognitive abilities to the max.

You can choose from the following puzzle sizes:

Solving Number Hidato puzzles improve your math skills
It is true that Number Hidato puzzles involve numbers, but specific math skills are not requires. Hidato or Number Hidato is a logic puzzle, numbers need to be placed in a certain order. This increases our pattern solving ability, which of course is very handy while solving geometry problems. So yes, Number Hidato puzzles can have a positive effect on math students.

Logic Puzzles induce critical thinking
Critical thinking, or thinking out of the box, is sometimes required while solving our Number Hidato puzzles. The answers are not always obvious. The ability to plan a certain strategy and especially to revise a chosen strategy is sometimes necessary to solve the harder levels of our puzzles. So we can say that solving logic puzzles does induce critical and logical thinking.

Increase your self esteem
The accomplishment of finishing a difficult puzzle gives you satisfaction and pride. This provides you with a boost of self-confidence and pride. Compare it with solving a Candy Crush level or scoring a goal at a sport game, both leading to a small feeling of euphoria. Same applies to crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles and our darling....... Number Hidato puzzles.

Meta Cognition
Solving logic puzzles require a strong meta cognition. The ability to organize your problem solving skills, the planning on how to solve a problem and the framework of the strategy to come to a solution are part of our meta cognition. These skills are essential in our home and work environment. So you want a promotion? Solve some puzzles, become better at your job and go for it. Please understand that we are a bit sarcastic.

Puzzles vs meditation
In our stressful lives we need our brains to relax occasionally. There are several ways to do this, we could travel to the Far East and join some sort of temple meditation, we could sign up for a yoga course or we could go to the doctor for some valium. Another excellent way to relax and calm our self-beings is to do puzzles. Solving puzzles relaxes us and makes us calm.

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