Easier Level Hidato-like Puzzles

At PuzzlesAndBrains we have a great selection of Hidato-like logic puzzles. On this page you find the easier ones. Our logic puzzles are printable and free of charge. Number Hidato will boost your brain power and test your cognitive abilities to the max.

You can choose from the following puzzle sizes:

Why do you offer printable Hidato-like puzzles and not online versions?
There are already some great online versions of the Hidato game, with Hidato.com being the most well-known. Also, through Google Playstore, you can find some Apps such as Number Hidato. We focus on the printable version of this great number and logic puzzle, but we do invite application wiz kids to make an online versions our (Nikoli) puzzles.

Why do Number Hidato puzzles stimulate our brain functions?
Actively solving problems requires our brains to go full throttle and use brain power. Keeping your brains healthy and fit leads to stronger brain functions. Solving puzzles, reading books and mastering new concepts stimulate our minds and souls.

Hidato-like Puzzles increase your spatial intelligence
Hidato or Number Hidato puzzles are number puzzles, but do not require specific math skills. They are more based on your spatial intelligence, your ability to see spatial, visual patterns. Connecting numbers according a certain logic (rules) does enhance your spatial abilities and can benefit you greatly in many aspects of life (reading maps for one).

Reducing age-related decline in brain functions.
Keeping your brain active by solving problems and finding solutions to problems can reduce the effects of aging on our brain functions. Puzzles like printable Hidato, Numbrix, Sudoku literally keep our brains young.

Stimulate brain cell synapses
The more we think, problems we solve and keeping our brains active, the more brain cell connections we make. That's how our brains work. Actively finding solutions to Number Hidato or other logic puzzles make our minds and brains spinning and growing.

More brain facts?
We recommend a great books and article about the working of the brain written by Robert Marzano. Here a link to an interesting page with tips from this famous brain researcher.

If you like our printable Hidato-like logic puzzles, you can try our other difficulty levels:

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